Sissification Phone Sex

Sissification Phone Sex leaves much to be said about a transformation we will make together. It’s more than just a simple conversation you need to find a way to Sissificationcommit to what you are doing with me and stay on track.

I so love to make a sissy out of my boys, taking you places you’ve not been before, hearing your thoughts on becoming a feminine being. Your day-to-day changes in life. I really love digging in and grabbing hold of you.

Sissification Phone Sex takes a special look within who you are as a sissy. You must know that life as you know it will become a journey. One that will be both wonderful and amazing. Don’t be so quick to rush things, let the transformation into something beautiful happen as you blossom.

I’ll be your guide on this magical little journey holding your delicate hand the whole way through. I mean you do need me to show you how to be the best little sissy slut on the planet. The training I offer is unlike anything you’ve experienced before, some would say it’s like being micro managed. Brace yourself it’s time for you to let me bring out the girlie parts of you! Come on now allow your mind to be blown by some sissification, I bet it’ll leave you breathless.

Talk Soon Naughty One,

Miss Peyton

1-800-863-5478 ext: 9978383

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Seductive Jenny Phone Sex Playmate

Seductive Jenny Phone Sex Playmate

I invited my good friend and fellow Niteflirt Domme to a do a guest post for my site. So without any further wait, I introduce you to Seductive Jenny’s words :)

Hi there! I’m Seductive Jenny of I have a certain saying “Only a Dominant Woman Knows What to do With you” to sexual curious and submissive boys, toys, cucks, slaves, sissies, and the likes. I love to be considered your sexual Therapy Queen and confidant.

Anonymous opening up of your most heart pumping insides can be most definitely be considered a form of therapy. Phone sex therapy is what it is to be called. THER-A-PY (noun): the treatment of mental or psychological disorders by psychological means treatment to help a person get better IE: “he is currently in therapy.”

Your pumping masturbation fantasy might be lusting on the dirty ass of the girl working out in the gym or being pushed a little further into sucking cock by a dominant woman, it’s still phone sex therapy with me. Check out my list of fetish interests Here if you’re wondering about my excitement in your particular perversion.

In a career total of over 10,000 phonesex calls so far, there’s not a lot I haven’t heard for sure.. But there are plenty of you that I haven’t heard from and that makes all the difference and in that is the fun as your phonesex sensual and seductive therapist! Take a peek at my XXX visual blog here.

Let’s talk soon!


Call Seductive Jenny for phone sex on

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OwnershipToday we are going to touch on Ownership of ones mind body and soul. Now think carefully to what it is you ask Mistress for.  As I understand some of you may look at the fun you have with me as a game but keep in mind that I take from you each and every time you inter act with me.

What does that mean you ask? Oh well to answer that question you must first examine yourself. Think about how aroused every one of your senses become while you let me take Ownership of that body. Also consider how far in that moment you are willing to following me into the darkness you’ve already asked me for.

For example, if you’ve never actually sucked a real cock but have admitted to me that you’ve thought about it, someplace during our time together you are begging me to help you find a real one to slip between those lips of yours. Or if you’ve never put on panties and have admitted to me you’d love to experience being a sissy and take the first step into transformation, well it isn’t too long before I have you begging me to take you for online shopping trips helping you pick out what would make me the happiest to see you wearing.

I mean you get the idea, what ever it is, what ever it looks like, the list goes on and on. I do take ownership of you in every way, and the hard truth is, you give it to me. My question to you is are you ready for the next step? I know I am.
Talk Soon Naughty Ones,
Mistress Peyton

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Goddess Bella Donna

Goddess Bella DonnaYou can find more on Goddess Bella Donna by visiting her Digital Media Store.  Looking for ways to contact the Goddess?  That’s not a problem, you can find her here.

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Are You Looking For Sexy Goodies And PTV Games?

Welcome Back!! Together a few of my fellow Flirts have put together obtain a brand new way for you to find more of what you’ve been looking for.  All the sexy Ladies in One Spot including those extra sexy clips and other fun PTV Games!

We will be working to update the site daily. See keep your eyes open! Fun is just around the corner!
Dirty Flirts!

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